Your Dog’s behavior – Understanding Dog Body Language

dog-behaviour-233x300Do you understand what your dog is trying to tell you? how is he feeling? Of course, the dog cannot articulate what he wants you to know but we get some of his languages by the way he looks at us, the way the body moves and the pace at which he moves around and so on…

This post on the RSPCA website addresses the body language of dogs and states the following ” There’s no ‘one size fits all’ guide to your dog’s feelings; Every dog is an individual, so every pet will have slightly different behavior.

Spend time with your dog to learn their normal behavior, that way, when something’s wrong, you’re more likely to notice it quickly.”

Observe his habits and how he express how he is feeling and the variations of his actions when is facing different situations. You will soon discover the patterns in his ways.

The article offers some insightful advice to help you understand some of the signs that the dog will do and what they actually mean. Click here for the full article.




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