Of all of the questions that folks ask “how do I become the leader??!!” is definitely the big one! This is probably the most fundamental question – the way to tell your pet that you’re the one in charge.

Picture the pack leader to be the decision-maker – the best places to go on the stroll, best ways to conduct themselves on a variety of occasions, and the way to interact with the variety of weird situations that can happen out there.

The moment you learn how a leader operates, you immediately discover that the group values and respect that the designated one makes all the decisions. Any time you leave to your pet to make the decisions, then they’re a big chance that your four-legged friend will get something’s really wrong thus producing a blunder!

 An effort to understand is the best way to handle a situation.

It’s essential to first recognize that the following usually means very little to a dog…
 What car you drive, how big is your residence, the cash you get as well as the notion that you speak languages – among other things! The dog probably would gladly exchange any of these responsibilities for eating an enjoyable snack!

Dominating your pet dog isn’t the right way to function as the decider, the guide –  the truth is that this approach may well turn against you badly if you coach your pet that physical strength is precisely what we are aiming for. Whilst you may force your four-legged friend into submission it will not be persuading your dog’s thought process as that you are not necessarily deserving of the duty, but mainly that you’re a bit of a bully.

Now how can one become the leader of the pack? All of the canines across the world, no matter the breed, use the very same methods to determine and identify the pack leader. The ultimate way to understand the right way to replicate the method for yourself is to view it as it is being shown for you on video as I have done many times already.


The main elements you should take control of consist of the following:

  • You, as the leader is in absolute calm control anytime you hear your dog barking warning you of potential risk. This includes anything that your dog might possibly view as threatening and barks at all over your property
  • For the duration of a walk, your pet shouldn’t drag you around at any time, even from the very beginning of a walk, even if it’s just a short stroll around the block! Understanding how to walk your pet dog correctly is a crucial part that will contribute considerably to the overall outcome of the training.
  • If you are the pack leader then the dog will loosen up and be totally chill at home. When the dog is always running around and can’t seem to ever settle down then it is that the dog feels he is the pack leader and needs to have a check on everything around him all of the time!
  • Getting the animal to remain calm is definitely related to the way in which you meet and greet your pet dog once your return home. You might want to see how to go about it on video because it is extremely discreet –  however, it is the distinction between being the one who leads and the one that follows.
  • Last but not least, nourishing the dog adequately will prove who’s the leader and there’s considerably more to it than promoting your pet to sit! If you happen that you own a canine friend which is “not very food motivated” then you might be in for a big surprise! More on this in a future post


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