Dog training techniques have evolved in a very positive manner over the years. so let’s have a look at taking that evolution one step further!

So, basically, it is great that training a dog no longer stresses the awful methods of yelling,  cranking, and pulling and using a more gentle dog training approach.

Nowadays, we value the great importance of not forcing the dog to modify his behavior by using a more natural, gentle dog training method that appeals to the dog’s natural instincts rather than making the switch from shock collars and screaming and other drastic measures that goes against the dog’s understanding of what you want him to do and usually ends up not being very efficient.

Some of you may wonder why I’m so passionate about sharing this method with everyone. Here are a few reasons that justify taking a gentler approach to dog training.

1. An Efficient Dog Training Methods That Are Enjoyable for Both Owners and Dogs

In all circumstances, training a dog should not feel like a chore. On the contrary, it should be an enjoyable experience that is fun for both you and your dog. If we look at it from the dog’s point of view, is it the more enjoyable experience to have to comply with commands you do not exactly understand or to simply have a good time with your human friend which you have a great bond? 

Therefore, an efficient dog training method will be rooted in the dog’s psychology. It is important to understand that when we approach training from the dog’s point of view, we will create a quick bond and make the whole process much simpler and, of course, a lot more fun. With this approach, the dog will naturally want to please you Rather than feeling forced to do tasks that he does not understand why they are being requested.

So, in other words, tapping into the dog’s brain will allow you to communicate more effectively and will make the connection much faster and permanent. As an added bonus, this method will work with any dog not just your own. Having learned to use this new natural method of communicating with your dog opens up the door for you to be able to calmly and gently change your dog’s behavior and resolve all situation that is deemed as inappropriate.

Shock collars, screaming, and smacking your dog must no longer be considered as necessary to change unwanted behaviors.

Above all, being able to get rid of these harsh disciplinary tools from your training routine just to be able to communicate with your dog also removes the forcefulness of training altogether. With time, your dog will voluntarily listen to you and not simply obey your orders to avoid a negative consequence!

2. Time Is on Your Side While Using These Dog Training Techniques

It is true that we do live in a world where we expected to get results and instant gratification. However, to be clear, training dogs will not achieve instant results, that is just a plain fact!

Changing your dog’s behavior will take some time. Just think. As an example, think of the times you may have tried to change one of your habits and how you had to work on it until you got the proper results. It is the same for dogs, bad habits can take a while to break But if you come consistently work on it, You eventually overcome the situation.

So, just like us humans, no two dogs are alike. Some personalities are ready to learn new behavior and put it to use quickly while others need a bit more time and assistance to achieve the desired results. Also, the dog may respond to your command differently depending on what he is doing at a certain moment. 

As an example, you may be able to get your dog to come every time you call him at the park within an hour of training. But getting the dog to come to you every single time you call him while he is playing or chasing another dog might take a bit more time before it is a regular habit. Like anything else in life worth achieving, you need to build up to it.

Once it is understood that training does take time, it’s will takes a lot of pressure off both you and the dog and make the whole experience a lot more pleasant.

And. for some added motivation, as long as we put this training in place and work at being consistent with it, it will work. as long as you, the owner, implements the training techniques, you will find success – even if it takes a little bit of time, which is really nothing considering the many years of good behavior it will provide.

3. A Dog Training Methods That Allow You to Train Successfully for a Lifetime

In life, there are many situations where we need to constantly relearn and attend classes or seminars to keep up with the latest trends. This usually requires a lot of work, energy, and effort which can be strenuous if not boring. Fortunately, this is not the case with this dog training method.

Learning to train your dog from a proper source will provide you with all the skills needed to successfully train dogs for a lifetime.

A proper program will teach you an awesome method based on dog psychology Explaining how to get inside your dog’s brain to get them to choose to listen to you voluntarily and keep calm at all times

 Keep in mind that how it dogs brain works isn’t going to change anytime soon. so, once you know how to connect and communicate with a pup, you’ll be able to do so for his whole life.

4. An Approach to Dog Training That Is Totally Transparent

When it comes to dog training, this is extremely important that both the dog owner and trainer work together

For many of us, it seems like the logical approach, but you may be amazed to know how many people are okay with sending their dog to a trainer’s facility completely unaware of how the dog is being treated and not knowing which methods are being used to get the dog to listen.

 It is actually quite scary to think about people handling their dog to a complete stranger and not knowing how the dog will actually be treated.

 It is also important to consider the dog may feel from being taken out of his comfortable home and put into the hands of strangers, this can be a major problem for the two following reasons:

To begin, It is possible for the trainer to become frustrated when the dog does not comply and may feel forced to use training methods that are harsh and abusive just to get fast results and a paycheck, regardless of how the dog feels Is being treated.

 Some will simply resolve to yell, using bodily force, and shocking dogs with shock collars which are just a few methods that are commonly used to force a dog to submit and obey which is not a good thing at all!

Can you even imagine that you would be paying for such a treatment? Too many dogs have been put through such unnecessary anguish by bad trainers while unsuspecting owners thought they were paying for training that would be safe and a joyful opportunity for their loved puppy.

 The second point to consider is that if training is done in private, even if using gentle, kind methods or any other ways, the actual owner will never learn to properly use this training on their dog If they are absent.

 After all, once the dog is back home and has been trained, it is important that the owner knows how to use these methods and keep the training activities to get the maximum effect. So, the goal is not only to get the dog trained – it is also to get the owner and his dog to be able to communicate in a kind and gentle way, develop mutual respect, and a lifetime bond.

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