Any popular myths become absolute truth over time and we tend to believe them as a normal way to proceed to achieve the desired goal.

These are some of the myths that have been around in the dog and puppy training world… like, forever – and it is really time to put these false practices to rest. Too many accepted practices and beliefs that really need to be put in perspective and, in some cases, these myths don’t even make any sense.

Let’s have a look at these false claims.

Myth No.1: Training a dog or puppy is very time consuming:

– It is sad to consider that some folks will spend a lot of time trying to get their dog to obey them so, yes, it can get discouraging and leave the impression that it takes time. But with the proper knowledge, training a dog or puppy can be rather simple and even fun and it can even show improvement in a matter of days.

Myth No.2: Dogs will only accept one pack leader in their home:

– This is definitively not true. Dogs are happy to obey more than one pack leader. you may be a dog owner those family members all enjoy and interact with. Of course, you want your dog to respect and obey everyone, not just you and the dog is more than willing to act as such.

Myth No.3: You and your dog need to follow classes regularly:

– Thousands of folks who have taken their pup to dog training schools have ended up with serious behavioral issues. Unfortunately, many schools simply do not provide essential information such as the important role you play as the pack leader which is exactly what your dog needs, first and foremost!

Too much time is spent on “sit”, “down” and “gimme your paw”. These commands are all very cute and favor socializing but the sad fact is that these are little dog training tricks that you can teach your dog can easily be found on the internet… for free.

Myth No.4: Good, efficient dog training is very expensive:

– First of all, it does not need to be expensive and it is important to consider what you are actually getting for this money you invest. Of course, the biggest deception is to consider that by the end of the training you haven’t learned that much… and neither has your dog.

The secret is to know where to go and get the valuable information you truly need at a fraction of the cost.

Myth No.5: A dog can be trained using only positive reinforcement:

– Not quite… though it does sound like a good idea. It is rather rare that you’ll get yourself a perfectly behaved little puppy that will grow up as an adult dog that could only need positive encouragement. Just like kids, dogs will usually benefit from guidance, redirection, and stopped when showing unacceptable behavior.


These are a few of the many myths that have been around for way too long and are absolutely without any valid proof of being, in many ways, beneficial to the dog or to the owner.

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