Stop Your Puppy from Jumping Up

456550_47134264Stop your puppy from jumping up is something you need to get onto straight away. It is normal to have puppies jumping up when they young – and it is usually to get your interest.

Demonstrating to your puppy that it won’t get this consequence whenever it jumps is a very important factor that you really should teach them from a fairly early age.

Often it can seem like fun when a puppy is very young and little, however, once the animal gets bigger and weight 35kg and more where he’ll be able to jump 5 feet high then it may not be quite as entertaining as it was before.

If you fail to put an end to the jumping while your puppy is young and small-sized then once your puppy becomes a larger canine friend, it soon grows into a more strong show of demanding your attention!

1. When your small dog is jumping up, just turn away from him and walk away. Pay no attention to your puppy, no eye contact, no talking as well as no touching.

2. Persist to ignore the dog until finally after your puppy has settled down, wait around for about 5 minutes and then call your puppy to you.

3. If the jumping just isn’t going to stop then separate your puppy away from your presence by simply getting out of the room or by putting the doggy in another part of the house.

Puppy jumping up on friends:

• It is essential to discourage your dog jumping routine at all time! If your puppy is jumping on any visitors then ask your guests to do the same as mentioned already. It may also help if you hold the animal by its dog collar or on a lead right up until they relax – then release. If your puppy chooses not to behave then you should instantly isolate them. Puppy jumping up at you when you’re getting ready for a walk:

• Put the dog leash away and wait for roughly 10 minutes or right up until your puppy has calmed down, then you should have a try at it once more. This is critical and although you might be eager to go for a walk you shouldn’t rush it!

Most important concepts:

• It truly is significant not to talk – to continue to keep relaxed and not say a word when your puppy jumps up. Keep in mind your dog is an attention-seeking unit!

• Your puppy’s jumping up and invading your space is not the best way of saying I love you!!

• Space is very necessary to a canine and if she can invade yours anytime she feels like it then she will lose respect for you.

• Just how might you feel if a person regularly invaded your space! It is more equivalent than you imagine!!

• Any time your puppy is relaxed then you can call her and pick her up for a hug.

• Anytime you are ignoring your puppy, keep your arms folded and walk past the puppy with confidence.


The 2 most commonly encountered problems:

1. Inconsistency – typically puppy jumping up gets the wished-for attention!

2. Most people make eye contact… This encourages your puppy to come to you, so don’t make eye contact, totally focus on whatever else.

One other technique that is going to help is to coach your puppy to sit down for all sorts of things! If you are able to get your puppy to practice lots of “sits” then her default habits will end up being to sit when you call her, and not jump!

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