If you really intend to guide your puppy not to beg you are going to need to learn to stop giving in.

It is not a secret as to the reason why pet dogs beg – dogs beg because they want food. Begging just isn’t disrespectful or weird to the dog; it’s instinctive, so it takes a lot of consistency to neutralize that behavior, and it basically that we have to discipline our own self.

This begging “approach” began a long time ago with the pet dog’s ancestors, the wolf. Over time, this begging strategy became instinctive to wolves which, in turn,  carried over to dogs through their DNA.

Domesticated puppies are hard-wired to seek opportunities to obtain food from humans. And given that they’re watchful they immediately understand and remember that begging brings them food rewards as soon as we react to all these indicators that they have mastered so well over time.

This is among the most typical grievances of pet owners, but there is hope. You can keep your dog from your food while your dining or other instances where there is food around, you just have to be persistent.


So, How Can Stop Your Dog From Begging?

The very first step when teaching your pet dog not to beg is to make a commitment to yourself which is to eliminate giving up. Each time you grant your pet dog a treat from the table it’s guiding them that begging works. It may perhaps not do the trick all the time, but our dogs have excellent memories; they’ll keep trying if they understand it worked anytime in the past

Pet dogs beg more when we’re looking at them; they know it works. Those big puppy dog eyes and all that whining– it works really well on all of us.

Should you really want your dog to stop begging you will have to ensure that you’re not giving him mixed signals. It is not rational to count on good unruly behavior from our puppies if we ourselves really don’t remain consistent. You can’t reprimand him for begging when invitees are over and give in the next day. You will need to be persistent and impartial.

Training ourselves as being consistent is typically the most challenging part, the rest is relatively straightforward. Here are 3 ways that will help you stop your dog from begging.


1- Disregard Your Puppy’s Begging

Don’t look at your puppy when he begs. Don’t talk to him. Don’t shoo him out. Just avoid him.

In the case that your pet dog actually has the behavior of begging for food, you need to truly disregard the unruly behavior. If he is given a scrap from you one single time he understands that his time and efforts might possibly pay off next time.

When you look at those big eyes when he’s begging you might feel bad for him and grant him a taste. Almost any notice you give him when he’s begging could make him assume you’re about to offer him some food considering that it’s gotten the job done so successfully in the past.

He is going to probably fuss and protest if he’s a prolific beggar, but you are going to need to learn how to just ignore it. Your dog should ultimately understand that “hey, I think that’s not going to do the job from now on.”

Your pet dog is not starving. More than 50% of American puppies are overweight, your dog doesn’t need any extras.

Puppies have evolved to having those huge sad eyes and floppy ears for merely that reason, to control you into caring for them. They’ve evolved more puppy-like characteristics and tend to share a lot of characteristics of wolf puppies rather than fully grown wolves.


2- Limit Your Pet Dog From the Dinner Table

Among the simplest solutions to stop your from begging is by avoiding the unruly behavior very early on. You may do this by separating your dog from the dinner table.

You can guide your pet dog to lay down in a different room while you eat, or you use a baby gate to retain them in a separate room. If your pet dog is presently a beggar remember that his unruly behavior is undoubtedly going to be considerably resistant for a little bit before it gets better, but the stability will ultimately pay off.

Have your dog lay down in his bed or wherever you’ve chosen for him. Compliment him when he lays down and congratulates him with some treats within this spot. Depending on his stay command you may perhaps have to work at this for some time before he’s continually remaining in his new spot.

After you’ve eaten visit him and grant him lots of praise, give him treats. Let him know the behavior of sitting steadily while the family members eat is what’s most likely to generate the best reward.

In the event that you don’t think your puppy is going to manage to stay for any amount of time or you don’t have a decent stay command mastered you can choose to separate him with a barricade such as a baby gate, a very common choice.


3- Redirect His Attention While You Eat

Provide your pet dog with something else to concentrate on while you eat. If you don’t really want your dog to remain fully separated from you while you eat you may redirect his focus to some food, toys, or treats of his own. Bring him one of his popular bully sticks, or stuff some peanut butter inside of a Kong.

Be oblivious to him if he gets up from his treat to beg. He may probably do this for some time if he’s accustomed to begging. As long as you don’t give up and give food to him from the table at all he will ultimately figure out that his begging skills aren’t going to pay off any longer.

If you’re consistent and opt to stick with it begging could be rather simple to straighten out. It merely takes determination and consistency. You need the entire household engaged; if any member is not going to play along and gives in you are not going to be triumphant.

You just can’t back down, regardless of how adorable he is actually or what sounds your pet dog is making, doing so will completely ruin all that training and the begging will start all over again. Be strong and definitively stop your dog from begging


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