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Having a new puppy is always a fun event, however, you need to understand clearly that in addition to being cute and full of joy,  puppies require some hard work that you’ll need to put time and effort into.

If you have already started doing so, you might be a little frustrated presently the potty training is not progressing as quickly as you expected. Your dog just doesn’t seem to pick up the habit once and for all or you are expecting this to go faster than it actually succeeds this important step.

All puppies are different and will differ in their comprehension and willingness to properly follow the potty schedule. Below, is a series of awesome videos from Doggy Dan that explains, in detail, a training program, that will help you house train your puppy and foster a trusting and loving relationship.

Since the baby pup is at a growing stage, they will eat more and burn up more energy so it is quite normal that need to eliminate constantly. These little dogs have not yet developed bowel and bladder control, so don’t be surprised or annoyed that they can’t ‘hold it’ as long as adult dogs. Successful house-training depends very much on a diligent supervision from you so you can be there to show your pup where to eliminate.

5 Rules for House Training Your Puppy:

  • Allow your puppy frequent access to his toilet area – be alert to prevent accidental soiling in the house.
  • Offer a special treat to reward the puppy for doing his needs in the selected area.
  •  Never punish your dog or raise your voice for housetraining “mistakes” – scolding will not build his confidence and lead to nervousness.
  • Keep your puppy on a regular and timely feeding schedule. This will greatly help to regulate the toiling needs.
  • Always note when your puppy lasts eliminated – keep a notebook to that effect.

This series of 4 videos offer more than an amazing technique to house train your puppy, it also lets you discover the gentle approach to training the dog that builds a solid relationship of trust between the two. We can assure with confidence in the complete method shown in these videos to house train your puppy will ensure your success.



Doggy’s Potty Training Made Easy Part 1 of 4

Doggy’s Potty Training Made Easy Part 2 of 4

Doggy’s Potty Training Made Easy Part 3 of 4

Doggy’s Potty Training Made Easy Part 4 of 4


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