Major Tips to Risk-free Happy Holiday Season

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Here we are all here again entering the Holidays Season and, as usual, a busy time of the year with lots of going on in most home all over the world. It is a festive time for all of us and we sometimes don’t take into consideration of all the steps we need to consider to protect our dogs.

It can seem like your dog is doing his usual thing around all the decorations, extra food and various visitors passing by but, it can be quite a stressful period he has to go through.

Here is a list of helpful tips for you to consider during this wonderful time of the year.

Lights and Ornaments
Help keep your dog out of harm’s way by putting ornaments at a height in order that they are not able to reach them. You can also install a pen or indoor fence around your Christmas Tree to ensure that your dog is unable to reach it.

Gifts and wrapped Presents
It is recommended not to leave any wrapped gifts under the Christmas Tree, for your dog may have an excellent occasion ruining all of them for you. Supposing that you have wrapped eatable gifts then your dog will manage to detect these and they will eat them if they have the occasion.

Multiple Treats
Whenever we think of Christmas, we quickly think of the number of sweet treats that we can ingest. We are referring to the never-ending quantities of delicious chocolates, sweets, desserts and treats that most of us take pleasure in bringing ourselves in. Always see to it that these items are helped keep out of range of your dog as you do not desire to be spending any time over Christmas in your neighborhood veterinarian treatments.

Lots of Food
We know that you want your dog to be involved during this time of year and that’s positively alright but just make sure that they are not overfed too many leftovers. If you would like to include an extra bit of turkey in your dog’s evening meal then that is okay, but do not permit your dog to pig out on too many extras.

Holiday Plants
There are a handful of plants that we effortlessly think about when we think about Christmas, and many of these plants are dangerous to dogs.

  • Poinsettia
    If your dog consumes any of this plant then it can result in stomach upset and gastrointestinal problems, and although these symptoms may be mild it is still worth being aware of them. The plant can also provoke skin problems if your dog comes into contact with it.
  • Mistletoe
    This is another typical plant that appears during this time of year but it is highly hazardous to dogs. If your dog eats mistletoe then it can provoke heart problems, breathing difficulties, gastrointestinal problems, nerve damage and brain damage. Because of the high risks involved with this plant, we would obviously advise that you abstain from helping keep this plant in your home as we do not think that it is worth the risk.
  • Holly
    This plant always reminds us of Christmas, as it is used in so many types of ornaments. It is another plant that is highly dangerous to dogs and if eaten can provoke severe gastrointestinal problems. If you do decide to have this in your home then be sure that your dog can not access it and that there is no risk of any berries falling into your dogs reach.
  • Ivy
    This is considered more of a vine than a plant but it can also result in stomach irritation if it is consumed by your dog. It can also result in skin irritation if your dog comes into contact with it.

Considering Fire Safety
If you have a roaring log fire burning at this time of year, please see to it that you secure the area around the fire in order that your dog is unable to burn himself. If you also take pleasure in lighting candles, then be sure that they are out of your dogs reach to keep them from being burnt.

Large Groups of Visitors
If you are having visitors at your home, see to it that your dog has an area that they can retreat to if they would like some solitude. Not all dogs take joy in the pressure at this time of year, to ensure that they have a quiet area that they can retreat to when they no longer want to be disturbed.

Keeping the Routine
Try and adhere to your dog’s routine as much as you possibly can. We know that it may be difficult but aim to see to it that your dog still enjoys his daily walks and is fed at the same time. Our dogs love their routine, and it will help to help keep them much calmer if you aim to continue with their routine as much as possible.

Have Fun
You choose to celebrate this festive season, eat lots, drink lots and have an amazing time!