Too many dog-owners have to live with this issue where the dog is digging holes all over your property. Very annoying and there just doesn’t seem any way to get this resolved once and for all.

“So how am I suppose to deal with my dogs digging?” I hear you asking…

“Why are they doing it and how do I stop them from destroying my beautiful back garden?” Well here’s the way your dog sees it and it is quite different from how humans see their land!

The following post should answer a lot of these questions.

To begin with, you need to understand that your dogs digging is not their attempt to annoy you or to simply ruin your new flower garden out of spite. Again, you’re thinking like a human and dogs simply are not like that… they have a totally different interpretation of the situation.

It is Simply Natural Behavior:

Our canine friends are fun-loving animals that naturally enjoy digging for fun. Younger dogs, especially puppies, simply love exploring and investigating while having a good time in the soil, sand, mud, stones, etc… it really doesn’t matter to them.

Sometimes dogs are digging for specific reasons, it can happen when they are too warm and are looking to dig into the cooler ground. Alternatively, they could be cold and looking to build a bit of a den to keep them warm. Then again, they could simply have too much energy and are trying to channel it into something that will dispense with this access.

All of these facts need to be considered before blaming the dog for these little disasters in your yard as an act of destruction.


About Those Stinky Fertilizers:

You’ll notice that a major motivator that will get your dogs digging like crazy is when you’ll have sprinkled some sort of fertilizer such as “blood and bone” or pretty much anything that has a foul-smelling aspect to it… and while we are on this topic be very careful with slug pellets for they can be lethal for dogs. Though these products will advise if they are not dangerous for the animal, make sure that there is a clear disclaimer on the label of the product.

Now back to the digging … once your dog has had enough exercise, clean up all of the buried bones and stop using the foul-smelling in the garden it so that the canine is no longer attracted to this “playground”. While digging is a normal activity for a healthy dog of any age, it does remain that extreme digging is not.

So, in a nutshell, dogs dig and that it a fact we all have to live with this and the trick is not to try to stop it as such but to concentrate the “digging” activity to a limited area. So the job is to manage where the dog can enjoy this activity. We’ll see about the extreme digging a bit later on.


Establishing a Digging Pit:

If you can direct your dogs to dig into a single location,  you are truly on the right track, well you are partially there. This can be achieved by establishing a definite digging pit for your dog, Take the dog to the chosen area of the yard and start digging using a few pieces of wood with a few nails … one may even start the excavating by using a digger!

Should you stick a couple of playthings in, bury them and then motivate your pet pooch to dig in, you could also include a number of flavorful treats … only a few times you will most likely be amazed at how quickly your pooch starts to focus and get involved! As soon as your pet pooch comprehends that it is acceptable to dig in a single location but never in the middle of the garden or elsewhere than this chosen location.


Holes in the yard.

Still, you want to know what to do when dealing with the holes in the yard?  actually, the most suitable technique for these numerous holes that have already been dug is to leave a little brick or perhaps stone at the bottom of the hole and wedge it in. And then bury it back in a bundle the soil in all around it. At that point, if your furry friend ventures in order to return to dig in that spot they will surely wind up being stuck once they arrive at the rock. No enjoyable for your pet dog.

A lot of are going to throw in the towel. In the event that they carry on, I would definitely stroll over to them, escort them back over to the established digging pit, and motivate them to dig down in this area. In the event that they continue going back to the yard to dig, place them in isolation elsewhere as a consequence. They are going to finally figure out that they are just not permitted to dig elsewhere.


Digging when you are not there.

One of the most serious concerns that men and women have to deal with is their dog who starts digging whenever they leave the house, nevertheless, the issue is rather easy to resolve. Rather than this being an extreme energy issue or a pet dog who takes pleasure in digging a situation – this is a pack leader question.

That corrects, your canine is digging to make a run at to leave the property to try to find you. That is the reason why lots of pet dogs dig when the owner is elsewhere, and they are digging all around the base of the fencing or gate. Owners can certainly repeatedly mention to me “my pet dog rarely ever digs when I am home, solely when I am not present”.

That’s right the moment you are all around the house, they take it easy and are joyful when you leave they look for you.

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