Several dogs have a fondness for taking things that aren’t theirs the minute the opportunity occurs. Attempting to take it back possibly sends Rusty running away like an Olympic sprinter. A couple of commands together with a game of fetch can make it less complicated to recover your stolen items.

Here are a handful of good pointers on how you can stop your dog from stealing stuff

Hide a number of treats in a pouch or in your pocket in order that your doggy can’t tell where they are.

Sit on your couch and toss one of your doggy’s favorite toys so he has to retrieve it. Say it only once and don’t make any movements to take the toy from him. Within 10 to 15 seconds, he should drop the toy on the floor or on you.

Get the toy and use your hand or arm to block out your pup from taking it. The second he does, tell him he’s a very good boy and hand him a reward.

Pick up the toy, throw it across the room and start all over once more. The point of the “leave it” command is to put an end to those pointy teeth from latching right back onto your shoes, shirts or whatever else he walks off with once he drops them on command. Maintain going over again both commands 10 to 20 times a day up until he’s releasing his toy and leaving it the moment you say the command.

Say the “Drop” command the second your thieving doggy steals something, and then follow that with the “leave it” command. Keep calm and don’t run at your doggy or make quick movements.

Pick up the stolen thing and don’t say a word about it to your puppy. Sure, he got it without asking, but he paid attention to the 2 commands. If you notice him bend in toward the item as you draw near it, give a sharp, “Ah” to back him away.

Make it complicated for him to steal things. Dogs who take pleasure in the life of household crime normally have a list of preferred items they take pleasure in stealing.

Concealing shoes in crates and never keeping clothes visible are wise choices. You can also decide to prevent him looting you by using an annoying spray to items, though that’s probably not the best plan for things you might catch a scent of, like pillows.


You can apply the “Drop” and “Leave it” commands for other scenarios too, for example, getting your puppy to drop a rock or leave a mound of mulch alone.

When the “Drop it” strategy doesn’t work with you, try lowering a surprise in front of your doggy’s face the moment he brings you the toy. He should release the plaything in the hope fo getting snack. If he tries to dash off with the toy, leash him up and keep the leash in your hand or step on it to stop him from scurrying away.

Providing your pup a lot of exercises each day in the form of strolls, free runs, fetch, etc will stop bad actions like robbery.

Once you have established the routine with your dog, it is vital to not differ from it. Exceptions and variations to the steps that the dog has come down to comprehend will only puzzle him.

These little methods should help to stop your dog from stealing your possessions once and for all which can be quite a relief to no longer needing to keep a vigilant eye on furry friend’s activities all the time.

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