How to Be the Pack Leader Your Dog Wants You To Be I would like to talk to you about very important facts you need to know about your dog which is that it is really important for the owner of the four-legged friend to be the pack leader and, as such, does the leader of the pack need to be aggressive in his behavior to get the dog to listen to him. As an example, do you need to beat your chest., shout and smack the animal for you to become the top dog and for him to obey?

Now, these are two very important questions that will make or break the relation you have with your beloved companion forever. Too many owners either believe they have control on their dog when in fact, the canine does as it pleases and is seen as  “cute” or other owners who are aware that the dog is not listening to them and are looking for a way to resolve this.


1. Is it really important to be your dog’s leader?

Let’s look at what we are dealing with…

It is crucial to understand that dogs are pack animals. There are those leads and those that follow. There is no variation in this fact, no matter the size or the breed – it is simply how their psychology works.

The leader will take all the decisions and the followers follow along – very simple.

Dogs are descendants of the wolf, which are pack animal and what you need to understand is that in your home your dog sees you and your family as a pack and he needs to know who is the leader. He desperately needs to know who will take all the decisions.

In numerous cases, there are dogs who, by their nature, are happy to please and simply do as asked without any questions. Their personality makes it easy to train them and the owners may believe that it is simply because they are better at training their dog then other people.

You may have come across people like this. They just happen to own dogs that are content at pleasing their master without any questions.

You may even find it to be quite annoying to see that the master doesn’t do anything at all to get his dog to listen to him while you may be struggling with your own dog. Some of these owners may have had these dogs for years and are convinced that they are great with them and I didn’t know exactly what they are doing. They will be more than happy to give a lot of advice on how to go about it but the fact remains that in reality, they just have a very easy dog!

It does seem unfair and you may wonder how can it be this way? Let’s make it clear that it has nothing to do with how good the dog owner is, certain dogs are much easier to train than others. That’s all there is to it.

You’ll need to know exactly what you are doing and the messages you are sending your four-legged friend if you do have a difficult yet very intelligent and driven dog for the training process is going to be a lot more difficult if you just try to wing your way through it. When it comes to dogs, especially the more dominant types, is to establish and ensure that you are the leader of the pack which guarantees that you will always listen to you.

The way the dog behaves has nothing to do with the breed or the size of the animal, it’s all about their character and personality The sad part of this is that there is no way to predict how the dog will fit in until he is actually in your home.

Hopefully, at this point, it is starting to make sense to you to why you are struggling. You may have to try to bribe a battle your dog to no avail – it seems to you that you are always back to square one when trying to get them to obey you.

You have surely noticed that no matter how hard you try the never give in and you’re totally exhausted and exasperated.
What is going on here is that both you and the dog are fighting to who will be the leader and who will be the follower – it’s as simple as that! … and this is all because in the dog’s mind you are not the pack leader, Yet!

Wait! Before you give up once and for all I have some good news.

If you are struggling to get your dog to obey you, it is imperative that the first thing to do is to clearly establish that you are the pack leader and that there is a fantastic resource that will guide you at becoming the leader of the pack through a very gentle way, you’ll be amazed!

However, I do want to discuss the second point with you before I let you in on this fantastic solution…


2. Does a pack leader need to have an aggressive behavior?

No, certainly not! As it is in nature, the best leaders of the pack are calm and consistent, they tend to be firm but always fair.

At no time will there be streaming or shouting, there is no need for smacking and there is no hurting of any sort that old school approaches may have encouraged many years ago.

Unfortunately, at that time the philosophy was that you needed to physically dominate your dog that could involve a lot of force which often led to confrontation we could get quite ugly and, very low achievements.

Nowadays we know better and the most valuable dog training will actually show you how to win your dog’s mind in a calm and gentle way where the dog with except you as being the leader through their own choice and not because of fear.

So by learning how are dogs see and understand their surroundings, we can then communicate with them using methods that they clearly process and answer to by instinct. This way the owner can adjust the behavior of his dog by communicating the right message thus using dog psychology on the dog rather than human psychology.

Remember that we humans are primates who have evolved from apes where dogs are canines descending from wolves and even though both species I’ve learned to live together there are some subtle but crucial differences to be considered.

Having understood that your dog’s mind does not work like a human and that you adapt your communication to his understanding, there will be no need for fear any aggressive behavior when training. If you are presently struggling then it is possible that your dog just does not see you as the pack leader.


Become the pack leader today!

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