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Funnel-1-aff-artwork-1-Aff2We are many dog owners out there and thought we all love our pet, there can be a few behavioral issues, various quirks we would all love to resolve and develop a better relationship with our dog.

Of course, there are many dog problems to go around and owners may have different methods to communicate with their dog what they expect from them – and then there is how the dog interprets these wishes. Obedience training is a key factor of the relationship you and your dog will share for a long time so it is essential that a solid foundation is established and respected right from the start. 

Also, many have complained ” my dog doesn’t obey” even with a lot of time and effort that has been put into working at this bad habit, it would seem that a good number of traditional dog training methods just doesn’t cut it.

Our friend Doggy Dan has been concerned with the various issues he is often consulted about and began looking for answers.

As a starting point, a simple yet powerful question was asked: “What does everyone really want from their dog?” Respondents quickly voiced a mix of “a good dog” along with the very popular “a dog that obeys me”.

From these well-voiced concerns, Dan and his team worked intensively on their project that resulted in  “The Easy Way To An Obedient Dog”, a title that has become the unofficial ‘tagline’ of The Online Dog Trainer.

This video mini-course is a far more powerful, proven method of working with your dog that a lot of owners and even trainers do not apply of not remotely aware of its consequence:

  • Most other dog training procedures are harder to apply and may take a long time to take effect
  • It is very natural to the dog’s instinct and it makes sense to him to act in such a manner

The 4 part video series is a fantastic mini-course that will get you quick and permanent results as you apply this knowledge and the best part is that this valuable information is offered to you for free.

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His approach is simple as well as gentle and the principal point that is delivered in this video series is that a dog owner will not be able to get the dog to obey until they “choose” to do so and to get this to work the owner will need to clearly establish that he is the pack leader.

The videos will show you that only way to become the Leader is by making use of the 5 Golden Rules, steps that will forever change your perception of dog training

This combination of the 2 elements is a simple concept of getting the dog to follow his instincts and you guiding him to obey you. So if it is understood that you, the dog owner is the leader of the pack then the dog’s behavior will immediately switch to the desired mode. Once you use and stick to this method of obedience training, you’ll never need to wonder why your dog doesn’t obey.

The results are astounding yet the procedure is very simple by working with your dog rather than fighting against what is “normal” to him.

  • Once a dog has chosen to listen to you, the dog will obey you because dogs are pack animals.
  • Having chosen to obey you, as their natural instinct is to follow the Pack Leader, you will notice a significant change in behavior.

The Easy Way To An Obedient Dog” is an amazing video series that you can get here and now absolutely for free where it will be delivered directly to your email inbox just by joining by using the link below.



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