Among the saddest things that come to mind is just how many individuals there are that just don’t understand fearful dogs and, while seeking how to make things better for their pet dogs, they ultimately end up with a contrary effect.

Fearful dogs are usually devoid of a powerful leader to lead them and other dogs in a group, especially when these dog keepers tend to be the sweetest and gentlest individuals! These folks want nothing more than to see their canine friend live the kind of life all other dogs are living, very self-assured, fun-loving, and free.

What these dog lovers don’t comprehend is why their canine is essentially scared  – it is because they’ve always received the message that they’re the leader of the pack between you and him. The dog may have to struggle to handle the strain and should certainly not be expected to.

Imagine the following scenario: You are four years old and find yourself in a dark wooded area with your younger sister and there’s an unusual sound from nearby or there is an individual coming closer then it is more than likely that you will be petrified. But if your parents are there along with you and your sister, then the whole situation would be alright. That is simply because you would not need to be the leader! This is the way it is for the animal any time you make them the pack leader. They are terrified and simply want to get home safe as well as alive.

All the burden is on your dog’s shoulders and they do not have the ability to deal with it in this human world. There are far too many peculiar things for them to decide and manage. Ultimately they’re going to snap unless of course, you help them.


A few points that you must remember every time when working with a fearful dog.

1. They may well try to change but definitely will struggle if you try to push it too rapidly

2. You need to establish yourself as the leader of your dog – You can find good video sites that show you how to become this leader that your dog needs for you to be.

3. Ask your buddies to pay no attention to your dog when they first meet the dog.

4. People shouldn’t approach your dog but wait until he is calm before you call him over.

5. If he doesn’t obey then he is too scared – it’s essential to leave him alone in such instances.

Implementing yourself as the pack leader is the framework to any victory with fearful dogs. Unless you recognize this and put it into practice, you’ll never be in a position to help your pet.

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