Already one long year has gone by since the Covid-19 pandemic has taken the entire planet by surprise and has been the cause of so much damage and, at this point, remains very active and certainly not under control.

There have been so many speculations, erroneous information, and blatant lies about this virus that, along with all the stress that we might not be sure on how to protect our four-legged friends.

Here are some basic rules to follow. At the very least, this should put your mind to rest knowing that this is a safe approach to protecting our animal.

Do Not Sanitize Your Dog’s Paws!

Their paws are permeable and sensitive and help them remain cool. Their footpads often might have tiny cuts or abrasions. The alcohol content in the sanitizer will sting and irritate the wound.

Dogs frequently clean their own pads as part of their cooling procedure and for their own grooming requirements. Ingesting and licking sanitizer is dangerous for them. Despite the fact that you imply well, we don’t want you to need to take your dog for an emergency situation veterinarian check. Any indications of nausea, throwing up, and diarrhea if you believe your dog has consumed even a small amount of sanitizer, need to be examined by a vet.

Don’t Make Your Dog Wear a Mask
They do make masks for dogs; it’s an opportunistic market drawing in the impulse and uninformed buyer. Off, dogs do not get our human pressure of COVID easily. COVID has actually been rarely found in dogs and only under extenuating scenarios. It would take much more for your dog to get COVID than you being sick at home with them. So it is really tough for them to get our COVID.

Why Dogs Do Not Need Human Virus Protection Measures
Dogs are typically immunized from much of their own canine stress of coronaviruses, which do not affect human beings. Putting a mask on your dog only takes your dog’s abilities away and makes them feel frightened and restrained which could result in aggressive habits.

Dogs have no way to cool down in summer except but to pant, which they can refrain from doing with a mask on. And if they are not the aggressive type, they will likely just keep attempting to pull the mask off, given that it obstructs their ability to smell, lick and taste easily, so if the main idea from a human viewpoint is to protect the dog from bacteria – how protective is all that included face fussing! Not extremely – the results are counter-productive.

Avoid being in random confined spaces with your dog for long periods of time
If you take your dog to the shopping center, to the dog groomer, dog training, or a pal’s house, anything that involves you and the dog being inside and around complete strangers for a number of hours is a high risk for you! Attempt to prevent unneeded animal visits or consultations and indoor activities in the meantime. Excessive close contact won’t injure your dog but could impact you. Stay at home, stay safe.

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