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Meet Doggy Dan, the Online Dog Trainer who has successfully helped 1000’s of dog owners train their dog in a kind and gentle way that has resulted in a trustful and bonded relation between the master and his dog.

This is how Doggy Dan himself explains his journey.

” My search for a dog training method that worked.

My own journey began a long time ago. After years of living and working with dogs on a casual basis, I decided to quit my corporate career in the city to work with dogs full time. I have always loved all animals however it is dogs that I admire the most. Loyal, brave, loving, honest and always true to themselves… how can you not respect them?

Yet so many dogs seem to struggle to exist in today’s society – I want to help them live happy and relaxed lives.

My own knowledge has come about after years of studying many different methods from around the world. Initially, it seemed to me that nobody really understood clearly why so many dogs had so many problems. I read every dog behavior book I could get my hands on and watched more dog training video’s and DVDs than I care to remember trying to understand why dogs behaved the way they did. I completed several courses both here and overseas, attending courses with dog behaviorists from America and the UK.

Everyone held widely differing ideas and approaches to every behavioral problem but what was so concerning was that they seemed to be treating the symptoms and not the root cause of all the problems! Nobody seemed to have a clear answer that made sense.

A totally different approach to dogs.

Then I found a very different method that understood what was really going on. This method is without a shadow of a doubt the simplest, gentlest and most logical way to change your dog’s behavior. Based firmly on the dogs own communication signals they understand it immediately.

Watching dogs change their behavior of their own free will is amazing.

For most dogs that I have worked with it is like a light bulb being turned on compared to the complicated, confusing messages that it often receives. It is the way dogs understand and appreciate.”


S, as you can clearly see, the man has done his research and has put forward a method that succeeds in getting dogs to listen and are willing to go along with his commands.

In order to fully understand your dog to learn how to modify any specific personality difficulties that your dog may have and to discover all the aspects of properly training a dog.

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