Top Dog Training Help offers real-world tips and advise on training from a baby puppy to an older dog that may need some “tweeking” to better the behaviour and relation that he shared with the owner.

We only offer methods that are not only efficient but gentle for the dog and present no physical or mental harm. The approach is help the dog understand his role and his reaction to your commands is always voluntarily.

Enjoy our wide collection of articles covering dog training methods and dog behaviour including subjects such as: Puppy Training, Basic Puppy Training, Puppy Training Videos Online, Puppy Training At Home, Puppy Training Questions Answered, Dog Training Classes, Dog Training Videos, Obedience Dog Training, Dog Training For Beginners, Dog Training Questions Answered.

Or array of articles cover subjects such as: Dog Aggressive Behaviour, Dog Jumping Up, Dog Separation Anxiety, Stop Dog Barking, Dog Come When Called, Stop Dog from Chewing, Dog Walk On A Leash, Train Dog To Use The Toilet…

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