19 New Year’s Goals for You and Your Dog

New Year's Goals for You and Your DogI’m personally not a fan of the word “resolutions.” I prefer “goals.” I think the word goals is more action based. Goals are plans with a deadline – plans that we can write down and work toward. I have many goals and plans for 2019, and if you haven’t set yours yet I’ve developed a list of New Year’s goals for you and your dog!


New Year’s Goals for You and Your Dog

Here is a list of goal ideas for the new year ahead! Some are simple while others will require more time, money or effort. Can you pick three from the list?!

Walk more: Go on more walks with your dog. It will be good for both of you!

Visit a new state: Visit a new state with your dog to visit friends, family, or just for fun!

Go on a road trip: A road trip doesn’t have to be across the country. A road trip can be to a new place two hours away! Try it 🙂

Travel on an airplane: Take your dog on an airplane to travel somewhere fun.

Eat at a new dog-friendly restaurant: I bet there’s at least one dog-friendly restaurant in your area that you haven’t taken your dog to. Go check it out!

Join a dog meetup: Join a dog or pet parent meetup. Visit meetup.com to find one in your area.

Try something new: The possibilities are endless.

Start a dog sport: Dock diving, agility, lure coursing. Sign your dog up for a new dog sport. I guarantee it will be fun!

Teach your dog new tricks: Teaching your dog new tricks will be fun and amazing for your bond.

Start a new hobby: Kayaking, hiking, skateboarding. Start a new hobby that you can enjoy with your pup.

Visit a National Park: Hit up a National Park that you’ve never visited. Make sure dogs are allowed before you go.

Try a new DIY project: Make a DIY dog toy box, bake some homemade dog treats, or create a cozy fleece blanket.

Volunteer at an animal shelter: There’s an animal shelter near you who needs volunteers. Sign up to help. It’s incredibly rewarding.

Take up gardening: Gardening can be soothing, and you can plant herbs and veggies that your dog can eat!

Make use of your photos: Don’t let photos sit on your phone. Get them printed for frames, canvases or on a coffee mug!

Spend less time on your phone: Spend less time staring at your phone and more time playing with your dog.

Start a blog or microblog: But if you’re obsessed with documenting your dog’s life like I am, start a blog or create a Facebook or Instagram account for them.

Make a new friend: Make a new dog mom friend that you can set up play dates with.

Do more of what makes you happy: What makes you happy? Do more of it…with your dog.

New Year's Goals for You and Your Dog

What goals do you have for 2019? What three would you choose from this list?

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