Dog Training

Everyone Should Know These 10 Dog Walking Tips

Is dog walking really a simple task? Well, there are many things that new dog proprietors may not recognize when it involves walking their dog. We have actually created 10… Read more »

Think Your Dog´s Not Listening? Train Him To!

Use These Handy Tips And Tips To House Train Any Dog

6 Practical Steps to Stop a Dog From Jumping on People

Basic Guidance For Training A Misbehaved Dog

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Dog Behavior

11 Amazing Facts About Dogs You Might Not Know

We never get tired of learning new facts about dogs so check out these 11 incredible dog facts that you might not know. Plus we’ve pulled together four facts about the people (like… Read more »

Easy Ways to Stop Your Dog from Begging for Food

Your Dog’s Personality Can Change Over Time

The Best Ways To Stop Your Dog Barking While In Your Car

Simple Tricks to Stop Your Dog From Begging

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Having a new puppy is always a fun event, however, you need to understand clearly that in addition to being cute and full of joy,  puppies require some hard work… Read more »

FREE – 5 Doggy Dan Training Videos

Free Videos! The Easy Way To An Obedient Dog

How to Easily Raise the Perfect Puppy

Doggy Dan : A Fantastic Dog Training Philosophy

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Your Dog’s Health

Everyone Should Know These 10 Dog Walking Tips

Eating Healthy

Homemade Chicken & Vegetable Dog Food Recipe